GET v2/apps/{id}

Get Specific App Information from providing the AppId

Request Information

URI Parameters

Name Type Description
id integer
Additional Info :


Body Parameters


Response Information

Resource Description

Name Type Description
Id integer

Application Id

MemberId integer

Member Id of the Owner

Name string

Name of the App


What Website is the Homepage of the App

Created date

The Date Time when the App was created

Company string

What Company the App Belongs to

PrivateStore boolean

Set True if not using the Public AppStore/GooglePlay

MultiTenant boolean

Set True if Using the MultiTenant Feature

Response Formats

  "id": 1337,
  "memberId": 42,
  "name": "Awesome App Name",
  "url": "",
  "created": "2024-06-21T11:46:08.9319192Z",
  "company": "AppNotch",
  "privateStore": false,
  "multiTenant": false
<AppResponse xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
  <Name>Awesome App Name</Name>