POST v2/apps/{appId}/push/targetmember?member={member}

Creates a new record that the push notification can target

Request Information

URI Parameters

Name Type Description
appId integer

Application Id

Additional Info :


member string


Additional Info :


Body Parameters


Response Information

Resource Description


Name Type Description
Id integer

Id of the Push Notification in the system

Title string

Title of the push notification, displayed on the device

Url string

Attached Url of the notification if one was sent

Message string

Actual message of the notification

DateSent date

UTC Date and Time the notification was sent

IsGeo boolean

True if the notification was a Geo/Location based notification

PreviewerOnly boolean

True if the notification was only sent/displayed to the Previewer App instead of the actual built app

IsExternalLink boolean

True if the Url is to be opened in a seperate app (browser) on the device. Could be true even if no Url is specified, but typically is false in that case.

MediaImage string

Image the will be displayed on the details view.

IsTenant boolean

Image the will be displayed on the details view.

Target string

Target of the push being sent

Language string

Language set when sent by the user.

Sources Collection of string

Source where the push notification came from

DataInfo string

Additional information of the push notification

Response Formats

  "id": 34,
  "title": "Welcome to our app",
  "url": "",
  "message": "Use the Coupon Code APP2016 to get $10 off you purchase.",
  "dateSent": "2024-06-30T14:32:08.497703Z",
  "isGeo": false,
  "previewerOnly": true,
  "isExternalLink": false,
  "mediaImage": null,
  "isTenant": false,
  "target": null,
  "language": null,
  "sources": null,
  "dataInfo": null
<PushResponse xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
  <DataInfo i:nil="true" />
  <Language i:nil="true" />
  <MediaImage i:nil="true" />
  <Message>Use the Coupon Code APP2016 to get $10 off you purchase.</Message>
  <Sources xmlns:d2p1="" i:nil="true" />
  <Target i:nil="true" />
  <Title>Welcome to our app</Title>