Name Type Description
Title string

Title of the Notification, displayed on the messages screen and on the Android notification tray

Additional Info :


Length between 0 and 250

Message string

Message to send in the notification, displayed to the App User when received or viewed in the App

Additional Info :


Url string

Optional Url to attach with the message. App Users will be shown the link and can tap on it to navigate to it

Additional Info :

Length between 0 and 250

PreviewerOnly boolean

If true, the notification will only be received/displayed on the Previewer App, otherwise it is sent to all devices with the app installed

IsExternalLink boolean

If true, the Url specified in the message will open in the device's native browser instead of loading it inside of the application. Has no effect if no Url is specified

Categories string

A delimited string containing the categories to attach to a push

Target string

Specific target that the push notification will be send to.

Language string

Target specific language that the mobile user is using leaving this empty will send it to any end users.

DataInfo string

Additional information of the push notification